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  • Dr. Chan

How to Transform with a Mini-Habit

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Change is hard. Change is not easy. Change is required to transform your life so you live your best self yet. The thought of the word 'transform' sounds daunting. However, making one small, tiny mini-habit and staying with it over time can have an long lasting impact.

Are you excited to move forward?

But How?

1. Uncover the 'why'. Why do you want to change?

2. Think about one small steps toward this change you can do today.

3. Anchor this new habit with an existing good habit.

4. Envision how you will 'feel' when you are working on this small habit

5. Be excited when you envision the transformation.

6. When you can connect the 'doing' and the 'feeling' of the new habit, you are twice as likely to keep this habit going.

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